The five wrong driving habits of aerial vehicles deserve your attention!

According to the survey results, the vast majority of high-altitude truck drivers have misunderstandings, and small habits are not corrected in time, which can cause great hidden dangers. Hubei Cheng Li can help you get out of the wrong area. Generally only the following five errors:

Wrong habits 1. When you drive, you step on the clutch. Because it is a temporary parking, many people often half-clutch clutch brakes, or in the shift when the left foot moved to remove the trouble, left foot has not left the high-altitude truck clutch, eager to shift, step on the clutch did not Completely stepping on the ground... These habits you unwittingly developed may be more convenient for you, but their direct consequence is greater wear on clutches, transmissions and engines!

The correct approach is: When you have to temporarily stop for a while, you should switch to neutral, or turn off the engine.

The wrong habits 2 , the first hot car and then on the road, this is everyone's conventional practice for many years. In fact, if a high-altitude vehicle that has just been started is parked in place for more than one minute, the loss of the engine will increase, and the life of the engine will also be shortened.

The correct method is to start slowly at a medium speed for about 30-40 seconds after starting, and wait until the temperature pointer rises before reaccelerating.

The wrong habit 3 , any battery can add water, generally, if you find that the height of the battery liquid in the aerial vehicle is not enough, you can add distilled water to an appropriate height, this we all understand. But when your car is replaced with a maintenance-free battery, you may also follow the habit of opening the battery cover and adding water to it. You may not be aware of your mistake yet.

The correct operation method: According to different types of batteries, give different methods of operation, it is best to look at the operating instructions.

The wrong habits 4 and tires are almost on the line. The maintenance and use of aerial tires are all relatively simple. It is nothing more than a problem of tire pressure. But many of my friends are still very confident in their feelings. Some friends are accustomed to saving habits. When replacing worn tires, only one of the worn tires is more severe, and sometimes the tire lines are different from the other three. The car always has uneven feelings and the tire wears faster. .

The correct method is: When replacing, you should choose the tires with the same pattern, change at least two or four together, in order to maintain the balance of high-altitude work vehicles.

Wrong habits 5 , all kind of oil. As long as it is oil, you can go to Riga, and if you add an oil engine, you can "longevity." Actually, different engines in different environments need different types of engine oil, which means that the engine will not be properly protected and there will be even greater risks.

The correct method is: choose the oil or use the product recommended by the manufacturer.

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