Esther teaches you how to properly maintain environmental testing equipment

There are
many types of environmental testing equipment, but the widely used environmental testing equipment is the high temperature, low temperature, and damp heat test chambers. Nowadays, the most popular is the test chamber that combines high temperature, low temperature, and damp heat—high and low temperature damp heat test. The box, it is more difficult to repair than other environmental testing equipment, but also representative. The following is an example of a high-low temperature hot and humid test chamber, to talk about the structure of high and low temperature damp heat test chamber and some common faults and troubleshooting methods.
(1) The main structural test personnel of the common high-low temperature damp-heat box should not only operate correctly according to the operating rules, but also should understand its structure. The high-low temperature damp heat test box is composed of a box body, a wind circulation system, a refrigeration system, a heating system, and a humidity control system. The air circulation system generally adopts a structure that can adjust the direction of the air supply; the humidification system uses the boiler to humidify and there are two kinds of surface evaporation; the cooling and dehumidification system adopts the structure of the air conditioning condition refrigeration; the heating system uses the electric heating. Heating fins and electric heating wire directly heating the two structures; temperature and humidity testing method is used wet and dry ball test method, but also a direct measurement of humidity sensors; control and display interface using temperature and humidity separation of independent and temperature and humidity combinations Controller, etc.
(b) Some common faults of the high-low temperature damp heat test chamber are excluded:
1, in the high temperature test, if the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value, you can check the electrical system, remove the fault one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, then you need to look at the wind circulation system and see if the adjustment baffle of the wind circulation is normal. Conversely, it is necessary to check whether the motor operation of the wind circulation is normal. If the temperature overshoots badly, then you need to set the PID setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly, over-temperature protection will cause the controller to malfunction and the control instrument must be replaced.
2. When the low temperature fails to reach the test target, then you must observe the temperature change. It is the temperature drop is very slow, or the temperature has a tendency to rebound after the temperature reaches a certain value. The former needs to be checked, and the low temperature test is needed. Before the studio is not drying, so that the studio remains dry and then put the test sample into the workroom and then do the test, the test sample in the studio is not placed too much, so that the wind inside the studio can not be fully cycled After eliminating the above reasons, it is necessary to consider whether it is a fault in the refrigeration system. In this case, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer's professional to perform the repair. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor use environment of the equipment. The equipment is placed in an ambient temperature, and the location (the distance between the box and the wall) needs to meet the requirements (both will be specified in the equipment operation instructions).
3. During the damp heat test, the actual humidity that appears will reach or be substantially different from the actual humidity. The value is much lower. The former phenomenon may be due to the drying of the gauze on the wet bulb sensor. Check whether the water tank in the wet bulb sensor is lack of water. The water level in the water tank is automatically controlled by a water level controller. Check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal and the work of the water level controller is normal. Another possibility is that the wet ball gauze may cause the gauze to become hard due to the long use time or the purity of the water supply, so that the gauze cannot absorb moisture and dry, and the above phenomenon can be eliminated by simply replacing or cleaning the gauze. The latter phenomenon is mainly because the humidification system does not work. Look at the water supply system of the humidification system. Is there a certain amount of water in the water supply system? Is the water level control of the humidifier boiler water level normal? Is the water level in the humidifier boiler normal? . If all of the above is normal, then you need to check the electrical control system, which requires professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.
4. When the equipment suddenly fails during the test operation, a corresponding fault display prompt appears on the control instrument and there is a voice alarm. The operator can quickly check out which type of fault belongs to in the troubleshooting chapter of the operation of the equipment, and can ask the professional to quickly eliminate the fault to ensure the normal operation of the test. Other environmental test equipment will have other phenomena in use, it must be specific phenomena, specific analysis and exclusion.
The environmental test equipment shall also be regularly maintained. The condenser of the refrigeration system shall be regularly cleaned. The oil shall be lubricated according to the instructions for the moving parts, and the maintenance and inspection of the electrical control system shall be conducted. These tasks are indispensable.
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