Chain plate tea roaster boosts development of Anxi Tieguanyin processing industry

In the Xinxingxing tea roasting factory on the section of the straight ninth primary school in the Second Ring Road County, a chain-leaf tea roasting machine that can be processed on a daily basis is in trial operation. The tea baking master controls the Tieguanyin into the end of the chain plate through the microcomputer control. After the inside of the machine is continuously turned and baked, it is exported from the outlet of the next chain plate. The operation is simple and the tea becomes fast.

According to the classification of heating sources, the Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin processing in Anxi County traditionally uses coal to bake, and later invented the tea electric baking machinery. At present, most tea farmers and tea traders use electric baking machinery. Xu Xinglai, the person in charge of the bakery, said that the chain-type tea roasting machine uses combustion diesel heating, which is more firepower than electric baking machinery, and the amount of processed tea is large.

The person in charge of the relevant company stated that due to the limitation of the power supply voltage, the heating power of our county's electric baking machinery is generally less than 20KW, and the price is about RMB 3,000 to RMB 4,000 each; the chain-leaf tea roasting machine has a large power, and if the electricity is matched, the voltage needs to be tens of thousands of volts. The price is RMB 70,000 per station, which is mainly used by tea companies or bakery processing plants.

In recent years, Luzhou-style Tieguanyin has become more and more popular among consumers, and the market demand has increased. Tea farmers have increased the demand for the production of fragrant Tieguanyin into the fragrant Tieguanyin, but the roasted Tieguanyin needs certain skills and equipment. Especially when there are a large number of products, it is necessary to integrate techniques and equipment to ensure quality. Unite.

The background and signification of research this waste tire pyrolysis program

As tire has been used for all other industry widely, they are playing an important role in the development of our economy, but waste tire did not easy to broken after being used and it becomes a big pollution for our environment .Therefore it is urgent to process those waste material without pollution.

In addition ,as the fastest development of world economy ,the shortage of petroleum will be urgent more and more , even the expert had stated that it will have no petroleum recover in earth after 15years later, so searching the new resource becomes an issue which is concerned by all the countries of the world.  

1.Working process Of waste tire Pyrolysis Plant:

First, the raw materials are put into the reactor, and then seal the feeding in door, later start the machine and the reactor will be rotating and heated by coal, natural gas, wood or electricity. When the temperature reaches the degree of 250 to 280, we will get the crude oil, the oil steam will be continuous produced until the temperature reaches 350-460 C; oil steam will flow through oil gas separator, light component will enter the condensers and meanwhile the heavy oil will be discharged automatically into in heavy oil tank. The liquefied part will be condensed as crude oil, and the part which cannot be liquefied will be transferred by the water seal back to the burning chamber to be reused as heating material.



2. Model of waste tire Pyrolysis plant:



Reactor size


Handling capacity


Seaworthy packing



Q245R boiler steel plate

5 tons





Q245R boiler steel plate






Q245R boiler steel plate




3.End of Product from waste tire  Pyrolysis plant









*can be sold directly as fuel.

* can be refine to diesel and gasoline by Oil Distillation Plant


Carbon black


* can be sold directly.

* can be refined by carbon black processing machine to make it finer (1500mesh finer).

*can be made into pellet by pellet machine


Steel wire


*can be sold directly as steel or iron.


Waste gas


* can be recycled to heat up the reactor

 4. Installation: We will be in charge of arranging our engineer to go to your place to guide the installation and train your workers how to operate the pyrolysis plant,and buyer will be in charge of the food, accommodation and round air tickets.

 5. Land requirement: 300sq meters(10m*30m)

 6. Exporting Experience:


Brazil, Canada, Colombia, USA,

Middle East:

Dubai, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey


Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina


Afghanistan, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar


Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia



Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

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