LED display control card seven common sense

With the rapid development of the LED industry, the demand for the LED display control card market is also increasing, and the wireless LED control card can well meet the customer's unified management, the needs of the cluster to send the market. For example, community promotion LED screens, on-board screens, government projects, mobile phones, telecommunications, bank door screens, batch installation, easy management, and maintenance-free status are the best choices for users. Then when using the control card, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, the following points should be noted:
Keeping the control card in a dry, relatively stable environment, excessive temperature, humidity, and dusty environment is extremely detrimental to the control card.
It is forbidden to insert and remove the serial port without power off, so as not to damage the computer serial port and the control card serial port due to improper operation.
It is strictly prohibited to adjust the input voltage of the control card when the system is powered. This may damage the serial port of the computer and the serial port of the control card due to improper adjustment and high voltage. The normal operating voltage of the control card is 5V. When adjusting the power supply voltage, the control card should be removed and the slow adjustment measured with a multimeter.
It is forbidden to connect the grounding terminal of the control card and the frame of the display short circuit. Otherwise, once static electricity accumulates on the display frame, the serial port of the computer and the serial port of the control card can be easily damaged, resulting in unstable communication, and the control card and the screen body will be burnt when the static electricity is severe. Display unit. Therefore, when the outdoor screen or communication distance is long, it is recommended that the user must use a serial port isolator in order to avoid damage to the computer serial port and control card serial port due to harsh environment such as ground loop, surge, induced lightning, and hot swap.
The correct connection between the control card and the serial port of the computer must be ensured so as not to damage the serial port of the control card and the serial port of the computer due to incorrect input signals.
Do not connect the control card to the cell board. To directly lead to the switching power supply, the voltage of the cell board during operation is unstable. It will cause the control card to be fast and slow, serious communication can not be carried out or the program needs to go back to repair, especially U disk control card, in the case of unstable voltage may not be able to read the disk or read the disk error.
Many indoor single-color or two-color, or even full-color, and then directly connected to the control card without debugging power, there may be a large area burned behind the unit board scan drive chip. Please debug only one unit board after commissioning, unplug the power after commissioning, and then connect the control card.
The LED display control card is the core device of the product. It is very necessary to master the above common knowledge of the control card.

Sign Cnc Router

Sign Cnc Router

SIGN MAKING CNC ROUTER, great option for sign, graphic, printing, displaying, advertising industry. Precision cutting aluminum, copper alloy trim, IT trim, acrylic, etc.

Acrylic Cutting Cnc Router's applicable scope:

  • Advertising industry: acrylic mini-word high-light cutting, MDF cutting, color plate engraving, all kinds of advertising plate, logo production.
  • Furniture industry: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, mahogany furniture, antique furniture all kinds of composite sheet cutting and engraving.
  • Panel processing industry: insulation, plastic chemical parts, PCB, anti-times special board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon compounds.
  • Crafts industry: can be mainly used for the artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, plexiglass, copper and aluminum, etc.
  • Decorative industry: screen, wave board, bamboo, marble, organic board, color plates and other materials on a variety of beautiful patterns and text carving.

Sign cnc router 1325

Mini acrylic word cnc cutting machine

Cnc Router for cutting mini acrylic word's Characteristics:

1. The bed is made of thick-walled steel pipe, which is treated by high temperature tempering to ensure machine body with high strength, and no deformation.
2. With breakpoint, continuation on break point function, with homing automatic error correction function, effectively guarantee the work of a long time in the processing accuracy.
3. Unique storage design, easy to store tools, tools.
4. Using high rack gear transmission to ensure machine with high precision, fast speed, maximum speed can up to 90m / min.
5. Featured circuit accessories, a variety of protection is complete, to ensure the safe operation of spare parts and machines to reduce the failure rate.
6. Equipment control system is simple, with user-friendly design, in line with human structure, to facilitate customer operation.
7.T-slot+Vacuum table, can be easily used for all kinds of materials.
8. Machine software`s compatibility is good, compatible with tyoe3 / Artcam / Castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software.
9. Precision tool auto-checking instrumen, save time and effort, a key to start, save resources.

10. High safety performance factor, a key operation and the host and line operation, while starting and stopping the limit, the wrong version of the alarm buzzer to improve the safety factor.

mini letter cutting machine's parts

acrylic cutting machine

Technical parameters:

  • Model AS-1325/1530/2030, optional
  • Controller: Multech P20
  • XYZ working size: 1300*2500*200mm
  • Running mode: Delta servo motor/Taiwan reducer
  • XYZ structure: XY1.5 helical tooth gear transmission+Z TBI ball screw+Taiwan HIWIN rail guide
  • Max traveling speed 90m/min
  • Cutter diameter: ï¿ 3.14.ï¿ 6.ï¿ 12.7ï¿ 12
  • Rail Guide brand: Taiwan HIWIN 25rail guide+25 Flange slider
  • Spindle power: Φ125mm-5.5KWwater cooling spindle
  • Working voltage(Optional): 380V 50hz
  • Inverter: 7.5KW 380V Sunfar inverter
  • Driver: Delta servo driver
  • Switching power supply: MW power supply
  • Servo motor: Delta servo
  • Spindle revolving speed: 0-24000r/min
  • Table T-slot+Vacuum table
  • Compatible software: Windows2000/windows XP/windows7
  • Command code: Hpgl.G code.Uoo.Mmg.Plt

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