What are the reasons for soil acidity analysis by soil acidity recorders?

Prior to planting crops, the use of a soil acidity meter to determine the pH of the soil, which is the pH, is a very important step. This is because the crop generally has the highest absorption and utilization of nutrients when the soil pH is around 6.5. The growth of the crop is most beneficial. Therefore, in order to achieve a good planting effect, ensure the robust growth of crops, and achieve the goal of improving quality and increase production, it is essential to use soil acidity recorders to measure the pH of the soil. In addition, it can also help through testing. We promptly discovered the problems and formulated corresponding improvement measures to improve the soil quality and help the development of green agriculture and ecological agriculture.

Soil acidity recorder

At present, soil acidity recorders are used to detect soil in different plots. We have found that soil acidification occurs more or less in many soils. It can be found through analysis that most of the causes of soil acidification are due to irrational fertilization. For example, in the process of fertilization, the use of organic fertilizer is neglected, resulting in a reduction in soil organic matter, a reduction in buffer capacity, resulting in acidification; partial application of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, neglecting the application of calcium and magnesium and other alkaline elements and trace elements; Large blindness, long-term application of sulfur-based and chlorine-based compound fertilizers, resulting in excessive residual acidic ions.
In general, excessively low or high pH of the soil will affect the growth of crops. It will not only make it difficult for crops to absorb nutrients, but also cause waste of fertilizer. Excessive soil acidity can also cause soil compaction and trace element poisoning, and destroy the survival of soil microorganisms. The environment causes the reduction of beneficial bacteria, accelerates the loss of nutrients, and causes the soil to lose its cultivation value. Therefore, in order to do a good job in the agricultural planting industry, we must not only pay attention to the improvement of the production process, but also should use a soil acidity recorder to detect soil quality and provide a healthy soil environment for high-quality agricultural production.

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