Safety technical measures for replacing the rocker arm of the fully mechanized mining face

Before construction, it is necessary to clarify the person in charge of construction, the person in charge of safety, the person in charge of technology, and the person in charge of power transmission.

First, preparations:

1. Before the construction, the unit should be stopped at the end of the working machine. After the work is emptied, the person in charge of the power transmission will power off the unit and the work slip switch, and hang up the power card, and set up a special person to take care of it.

2. Separate the unit's isolation knife and remove the clutch.

3. Prepare intact maintenance tools, lifting tools (capacity must meet load requirements), and spare parts that meet the requirements.

Second, the construction sequence:

1. Grinding the triangle at the end of the machine, and maintaining the top plate by feeding, ensuring that the distance from the unit to the coal gang is not less than 1.2 meters, and the length extending from the tail to the nose is not less than 12 meters (8 frames), and the height can be lifted and removed. The fixed pin shall prevail.

2, coal help to help the column, each with two, smashed anti-falling rope. The back of the piece should be backed by the back. Returning to the wind and replacing the column, nailing to the tail. When support is required, additional measures must be specified.

3. Drive the unit to the tail. First remove the roller and drag it to a safe place. Do not affect the access to the rocker arm. Remove the cutting motor and put it in a safe place.

4. Hang the chain arm of the unit with a guide chain to ensure it is firm. Remove the three large pins of the fixed rocker arm. Hang the rocker arm with at least two 3 ton chain guides to lift the rocker arm.

5. Remove the rocker arm and drag it to the safe place at the end of the machine.

6. Install a new rocker arm, install the roller and cut the motor.

7. Thorough inspection, tighten the screws of each part, confirm the correctness, clean the site, and send the power test.

Third, security technical measures:

1. Entering the workplace, the person in charge of on-site construction and the person in charge of safety shall conduct detailed inspections of the surrounding environment and support to ensure the safety of the working environment.

2. The returning column and the triangular column should strictly implement the relevant regulations and measures, first support and then return. After the completion of construction, the support method will be restored in time.

3. During the operation, the crew of the crew should operate the unit and separate the rear isolation knife. The operating bracket is to be carried out by the bracket. Other personnel are not allowed to move the bracket or the unit at will.

4. Before the operation, the person in charge of the site shall carry out a detailed inspection of the lifting tools (anchor chain, horseshoe, guide chain, etc.) to ensure that they are in good condition and qualified.

5. When the lifting object strictly implements the "General Measures for Lifting Objects", when the object is in the hoisting state, no personnel can enter the place below and where it may fall off and roll, and there is special person supervision.

6. When lifting and pulling the object with the guide chain, it must be connected reliably, and the horseshoe tightens the screw.

7. Before the operation, the unit and the work slip switch will be locked off and the special person will be taken care of. At the end of the machine, you need to lock more than two lock keys of Benbro. The work of stopping the power transmission is carried out by the person in charge of the power transmission. The unit must open the clutch and isolation knife.

8. The installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the integrity of the equipment to ensure that the installation is qualified, the screws are tight and complete.

9. When lifting the object, you must first try to hang it. If everything is normal and there is no abnormality, then it will be lifted normally.

10. After the installation of all components is completed, the person in charge of the site will carry out detailed inspection to ensure safety and safety. The site shall be cleaned up and the personnel shall be evacuated to a safe place before the power can be sent to the test.

11. Other strict implementation of "Safety Technical Measures for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance" and "Operational Regulations for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment" and other related measures.

WKS Serial Co-kneader

Flights Screw Co-kneader PVC Compounding Extruder System

  1. The XINDA WKS 4-Flight Co-kneader is only designed for PVC compounding and pelletizing, with target capacity 1500-2000kg/h for PVC cable compounds for a single compounding line.

    --Typical highlights and benefits of XINDA WKS 4-flight Co-kneader:
    --Optimized intake section: No forcing feeding, large inlet opening, effective backward degassing, -improve material transport
    --4 row of flights increase shear surface, produce more shear energy
    --Improve conveying stability by overlapping flights
    --No open gap between flights and pins

Model WKS-100 WKS-120
Co-kneader Screw Dia. 100 120
L/D Ratio 15 15
Max. Screw Speed 500 RPM 500 RPM
Main Motor Power 160-200 KW 220-280 KW
Second-stage Screw Dia. 200mm 220mm
Second-stage Screw L/D 7 7
Max. Screw Speed 60 RPM 60 RPM
Second-stage Motor Power 55-75 KW 90 KW
Reference output (kg/h) 1000-1500 1500-2000

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