Metering and Receiving Standard System Further Regulates Instrument Applications

[China Instrument Network Standard Sharing Circle] Ningbo Water Meter Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ningbo Water Meter) participated in the revision of Part 4 and Part 5 of the GB/T 26831 “Community Energy Metering and Receiving System Specification”. The formulation of standards promotes the technical progress and healthy development of the water meter industry.

GB/T26831 "Community energy metering and copying system specification" is proposed by the China Federation of Machinery Industry and is under the jurisdiction of the National Electrical Instrument Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC104). The standard was promulgated and implemented in 2011 and contains a total of six parts - Part 1: Data exchange; Part 2: Physical layer and link layer; Part 3: Application-specific layer; Part 4: Wireless reading of instruments; Part 5: Wireless Relaying; Part 6: Local Bus.

The first part of the standard specifies the data exchange and communication for meter and remote meter reading using a common method. The purpose is to provide a protocol specification for the application layer of the meter.

Part 4 and Part 5 of the standard deal with wireless metering (water, electricity, gas, heat) wireless metering specifications. The modifications of Part 4 and Part 5 were made in conjunction with the technical status of domestic wireless meter reading and the related national wireless communication standards. Participating drafting organizations included Ningbo Water Meter, Harbin Institute of Electrical Instrumentation, Qingdao Dongsoft Computer Technology Co., Ltd., and Xi'an Yuqi. Electronics Co., Ltd., participated in the drafting of Hu Yajun, Guo Yonglin, Liu Yongsheng, Li Wanhong, Hou Xuewei, Ni Zhijun and so on.

As shown in the standard, Part 4 specifies the physical layer and link layer parameter requirements for the remote wireless meter reading system, focusing on the use of "short-range devices" that use license-free 433-434 MHz wireless civil bands ( SRD) covers portable devices, removable devices, and fixed devices. The fifth part is mainly used to support meter reading of wireless routing networks. The formulation and implementation of this standard system will help promote the technical progress and healthy development of the water meter industry.

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