·China questioned the EU tire test method

Recently, at the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Committee meeting, many members of the WTO raised trade concerns related to tire problems.

The tire problem that the meeting focused on was mainly that members expressed concern about the tire-related control measures introduced by the EU and Saudi Arabia. In this regard, China questioned the scientific basis of the EU tire testing method and stressed that this would add a lot of cost to the producers.

At this meeting, member delegations presented 17 new trade concerns and 39 trade concerns that have been raised previously. This has increased the number of trade concerns raised by WTO members this year to 92, reaching the second peak since 1995.

It is reported that the Technical Barriers to Trade Committee often holds information exchange meetings for WTO members. This kind of dialogue helps resolve trade frictions and avoids unnecessary trade disputes.

At the committee meeting, WTO members have the opportunity to raise trade concerns if they believe that other members implement measures that are not in compliance with the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.

These specific trade concerns (STCs) may be related to the standards, testing and certification procedures, rules or labeling requirements imposed by the importing party, and these measures may have an impact on the producers and consumers of such commodities. STCs may highlight potential trade restrictions and include them in the WTO's regular trade monitoring report.

At the meeting, members also agreed on the work plan of the Technical Barriers to Trade Committee in 2016-2018.

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