Used car selection guide to see the frame to identify used car is good or bad

Many buyers of used cars will always worry about whether they have had a major collision when picking used cars. Here, Xiao Bian specifically reminded that when picking used cars, checking the frame is one of the best ways to judge whether a car has a collision accident, because most of the vehicles that have been involved in accidents will leave marks on the frame. And you talk about how to identify the frame when picking used cars.

Most cars use the "body-in-a-body" structure. After the frame is impacted and deformed, some adverse reactions will occur during driving, which can be judged by trial run. For example, the steering is uneven and unstable; there is a ringing of the wheels during the straight running; the tire has eccentric wear marks;

When the vehicle is stationary, it can be checked as follows:

1. Check whether the front and rear wheels on both sides of the left and right sides form a straight line, not a straight line, indicating that the entire frame is bent;

2. Measure the clearance between the rear side of each wheel and the wheel cover. It should be roughly the same. Otherwise, it indicates that the frame or the whole body has signs of bending; Check the gap between the engine cover and the fender, check the joints of the door and fender, the door The gap with the door, if the gap is asymmetric, is likely to have replaced the engine cover and door, which of course is related to the accident.

3. Open the hood and look at the two longitudinal beams running through the engine compartment and check for signs of welding or cracking.

4. In the event of a rear-end or side impact accident, the frame will be squeezed and bent or cracked. Welding is required during maintenance.

5. If there are lifts on conditional conditions, inspections can be made obviously. For most cars, there are stiffeners running through the front and back of the car. You can check if the stiffeners are straight and cannot bend. An accident occurred.

In the process of picking a used car, the frame is an important part of the inspection. You must not take it lightly. If it is difficult for you to grasp it, it is better to bring a friend who understands the maintenance of the car to give you the protection of the car.

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