Speed ​​road network broadcast intercom system

As the road conditions become more and more complex, the timely transmission, sharing and intercommunication of information naturally requires a powerful highway broadcast intercom management system. Use the existing network of the toll station to develop an efficient, reliable and stable â

How is access control applied to personnel management?

Personnel management is the top priority of the management of “unitization, grid, and responsibility” of the community, and it is also an inevitable requirement for public security prevention and control and community comprehensive management. According to the actual situation of

Listening to the sound of the Haiwo hydraulic cylinder

In the four-year period, the brand of Haiwo has been trusted by the company and found that it is not easy to accompany it for four years. What is more gratifying is that Haiwo hydraulic cylinder products won the “User Trusts Hydraulic Equipment” award four ti

What are the operating skills of the security inspection machine?

X-ray security inspection machine is used in many occasions. Needless to say, everyone knows, then if you need to operate it yourself, do you know the operation skills? The following is a small series of security equipment manufacturers to explain to you:
Remove the debris fro

Explosion-proof laser range finder technology principle

1. Measurement distance: This is the main indicator of the rangefinder telescope. It refers to the telescope that can measure the farthest distance. The distance measured by the telescope is generally 400-2000 meters. This distance refers to the linear distan

What are the precautions for explosion-proof lighting distribution box?

The installation position of each distribution box and switch box of the construction power distribution system should be reasonable. The explosion-proof lighting distribution box should be as close as possible to the transformer or the external power supply, so as to introdu

22 important knowledge points for weak electrical engineering wiring

When we are doing weak electricity projects, we will always encounter such problems: What is the most important thing in weak electricity engineering? Which part is the construction focus? Will there be good system engineering quality with good products?
In fact, the quality o