A landmark product, ZF's first AMT product, the AS Tronic transmission

Although the electronic control technology at that time has made great progress, the mechatronics control module is still in its infancy, which poses a great challenge to product development engineers.

ZF has made a meaningful exploration in this area. After nine yea

Specification for the use of chemical protective clothing

Divided into heavy chemical protective clothing and light chemical protective clothing
Standards for the application of heavy chemical protective clothing (fully enclosed chemical protective clothing):
Ask two or three people to help the party wear, and help to see

Speed ​​road network broadcast intercom system

As the road conditions become more and more complex, the timely transmission, sharing and intercommunication of information naturally requires a powerful highway broadcast intercom management system. Use the existing network of the toll station to develop an efficient, reliable and stable â

How is access control applied to personnel management?

Personnel management is the top priority of the management of “unitization, grid, and responsibility” of the community, and it is also an inevitable requirement for public security prevention and control and community comprehensive management. According to the actual situation of