How is access control applied to personnel management?

Personnel management is the top priority of the management of “unitization, grid, and responsibility” of the community, and it is also an inevitable requirement for public security prevention and control and community comprehensive management. According to the actual situation of the community, it is reasonable to set up the isolation and closure implementation of soft and hard combination, based on the management of geographical names and addresses, with population and housing management as the main content, grid management as the main idea, and department information sharing exchange as the main support. The entrance and exit, the entrance and exit of the building and the entrance and exit control system are set up, the real name registration of the resident access control card, the real-name registration of the visitor, the strict management process of the entrance and exit, the security monitoring system such as community video surveillance and intrusion alarm, and the dynamic collection of various population information of the community are realized. , update and maintain, and collect and report through the physical management personnel and the community police mobile terminal to ensure the accuracy, real-time and fresh activity of data entry, and achieve the purpose of “management, management, and management” . The personnel access control block diagram is shown in the figure.

Personnel access control block diagram
1. Real-name information registration
Population basic data is an important basis for the application systems of various sectors in the economic and social development of the community. It is of great significance to the construction of labor employment, tax collection and management, personal credit, social security, population census, family planning, and crime prevention. The building database is a collection of building attribute information, spatial information, business data and service data in the community. It is an important supporting data for the smart community and the basis for community grid management and service positioning.
In the community construction of the entrance control system, real name registration of all households, houses, vehicles and other basic information in the community, using RFID, fingerprints, face recognition and other technologies, for the community all households to apply for real-name access control cards, through the process, on the one hand for the residents to establish The pass for entering and leaving the community, on the other hand, also provides new channels for grasping the data of the real population of the community and binding the information of the people's car. A real-name registration system for visitors is provided at the gate of the community. All visitors need to go through the real-name registration procedure to explain the visitor and confirm the contact. The real-name information of the visitor is verified with the real-time network of the public security organ, and the abnormal situation is detected in time.
2. Dynamic data collection
It realizes the dynamic collection of information such as data of inbound and outbound personnel, face data, access images, and trajectory of entry and exit. Through data research and verification, the basic data of people and houses are clear and the situation is clear, real people and houses are realized. Dynamic collection and dynamic management of data and personnel activities.
Community property management personnel and community police can use the alarm control function of the entrance and exit control management system to grasp the situation of new residents in the community, cancellation of departures, changes in housing residents, etc., dynamically grasp the information related to people and houses, and truly realize the real population management. "There are registrations, movements, and cancellations."
3. Intelligent analysis and judgment
Residents and visitors entering the community gates need to use effective identification means (RFID, fingerprints, faces, etc.) to enter the community, and through linkage with the entrance and exit control of the building, limit their accessible buildings and strengthen community security. For the entry and exit of unauthorised persons in the community and buildings, through the face clustering identification based on the entrance and exit control, the suspicious personnel appearing in multiple locations at the same time and the personnel who enter and exit the same building multiple times are alerted to help combat the theft and the behavior MLM activities.
Community, building entrance and exit channel entry and exit records, pictures, report information collection and storage, and face recognition intelligent terminals through various entrance and exit points, to achieve intelligent auxiliary identification, to help community police to grasp the changing trend of floating population and key rental houses in real time; Identify the personnel passing through the entrance and compare it with the blacklisted library. Output the comparison results and implement the monitoring and early warning for the special objects that need to be searched or arrested in time. At the same time, the personnel information, personnel images and access trajectories collected by the entrance and exit control system are comprehensively judged to form valuable intelligence information, serve the police in actual combat, reduce the workload of the community police, and improve the work efficiency of the community police.
4. Accurate management and control
With grid management as the main idea, through the dynamic collection and intelligent analysis of information such as card reader data, face data, access image, and activity track, the prisoner of criminal release, community prisoner, drug abuse focus Full monitoring of information on key populations such as people, mental patients, criminal adolescents and other key people, and full monitoring of actions; dynamic monitoring of the daily performance of community correction assistance objects, helping community correction staff to more effectively serve the community Carry out corrective education and social supervision to ensure the orderly and effective development of community corrections.

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