What are the operating skills of the security inspection machine?

X-ray security inspection machine is used in many occasions. Needless to say, everyone knows, then if you need to operate it yourself, do you know the operation skills? The following is a small series of security equipment manufacturers to explain to you:
Remove the debris from the X-ray machine conveyor. Check the channel entrance. The red emergency stop button on the console should be rotated clockwise, otherwise the device will not be charged. Check that the machine is installed smoothly and the power socket is grounded. Plug in the power supply and turn clockwise The key switch is turned on, and then the start button is pressed. At this time, the green power light on both ends of the machine lights up, the whole machine is powered on, and the computer is automatically started.
When the computer is completely started, click the sphoto.exe X-ray machine application icon to open the security. The security X-ray machine enters the application interface after 3 seconds, the machine starts self-test, and the "indication" and "data transmission" buttons of the conveyor belt and the roller display green. .
Wait 8 seconds, stop the machine self-test, click the user "F7" button with the mouse or press the keyboard to enter the user login interface, enter the login ID in the box using the numeric keypad, enter "98765432", enter "8888" in the numeric keypad of the login password box. ", then use the mouse to click Login to start using the machine.
Click or press the key on the keyboard, the conveyor belt is running, the inspector will put the luggage on the conveyor belt to start the inspection. When there is no luggage for a long time, click the mouse or press the "stop" button on the keyboard, the conveyor belt stops running and the machine enters the standby state. .
When there is a baggage out channel, you can click with the mouse or press the key on the keyboard, the conveyor will run in reverse, wait for the baggage exit to click with the mouse or press the "stop" button, the conveyor will stop running, and the baggage will not come out. Long-term reversal, otherwise the conveyor belt runs off.
The operation skills of the X-ray security inspection machine are all introduced to you above. During the operation, everyone must pay attention to the place of attention and avoid errors during operation.

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