Precautions for the installation and commissioning of the fire pump control cabinet

The fire control cabinet is a functional cabinet that controls the operation of the fire pump. It can realize centralized management and convenient start-up of the fire pump, and it plays an important role in the fire protection system.
Then, what are the precautions for the fire pump control cabinet during installation and commissioning? Professionals said that the fire pump control cabinet is the electrical product that controls the water pump. The installation and commissioning of the fire pump control cabinet requires professional personnel to complete it. This requires people to have a good understanding of the electrical knowledge, so it is done by the engineer. operating. The fire pump control cabinet of Shenzhen Yuxiang is debugged by professionals before leaving the factory.
Precautions during commissioning of fire pump control cabinet
1. CCCF certification
CCCF anti-counterfeiting mark: The certification mark of the certification body, without the application of this certification mark, shall not be imported, may not be sold at the factory and used in the business service place.
2, AB label
A-sign: It is uniformly managed and distributed by the Conformity Assessment Center, printed with clear code, corresponding to the verification body code, with anti-metastasis, destroyed after tearing, and pasted on the surface of the product.
B-sign: verify whether the fire-fighting product registration information is true. The standard scan code can enter the “fire-fighting product production and sales information management system”. The production enterprise prints and uploads the product information by itself, and prints the password image and the clear code, corresponding to the mark body. The sign B is attached to the fire product information certificate.
The above is an introduction to Shenzhen Yuxiang's precautions for the installation and commissioning of the fire pump control cabinet. Shenzhen Haoxiang focuses on the production of safe, efficient and quality fire pump control cabinets, fire pump inspection cabinets, fire control cabinets and other equipment services. For professional answers to the fire control cabinet you want to know.

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