Explosion-proof laser range finder technology principle

1. Measurement distance: This is the main indicator of the rangefinder telescope. It refers to the telescope that can measure the farthest distance. The distance measured by the telescope is generally 400-2000 meters. This distance refers to the linear distance from the measurement position to the measurement target. There is also an important indicator behind, the horizontal distance (the two concepts must not be confused). The measuring distance of the rangefinder telescope is generally the theoretical measuring distance and will be affected by the weather. Therefore, when choosing a range finder, you should in principle choose a rangefinder telescope that is about 20% farther than the distance you are actually required to measure. Measuring distance is the most important factor affecting the price of telescope range finder.
2. Whether it can measure height : Whether it can measure the level, many rangefinders have this function, so this range finder can also be called altimeter. Another concept of altimetry is to measure the absolute height of the target (measured height difference). These two concepts must not be confused.
3. Can you measure the angle : Can you measure the angle? Many rangefinders also have this function.
4. Can measure the absolute height of the target (measured height difference): Unlike the height measurement concept mentioned above, it refers to the height of the measurement target itself, which is the function of the high-end range finder.
5. Can measure horizontal distance: The measured distance mentioned above refers to the linear distance from the measurement position to the measurement target, and the horizontal distance refers to the horizontal distance from the measurement position to the measurement target. These two distances are different. This is a feature that is only available in high-end rangefinders.
6. Can continuous ranging: Continuous ranging is very useful in many situations, so this function is also very important.
7. Can continuous angle measurement : The function of continuous angle measurement will have this function in some high-end rangefinder telescopes. Continuous angle measurement means continuous angle measurement without triggering an infrared emission lamp.

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