What are the precautions for explosion-proof lighting distribution box?

The installation position of each distribution box and switch box of the construction power distribution system should be reasonable. The explosion-proof lighting distribution box should be as close as possible to the transformer or the external power supply, so as to introduce the power supply. The distribution box should be installed in the central area where the power equipment or load is relatively concentrated, to ensure that the three-phase load is balanced. The location of the switch box installation should be as close as possible to the electrical equipment it controls, depending on the site conditions and operating conditions. Ensure the three-phase load balance of the temporary power distribution system. The power and lighting power at the construction site should form two power circuits, which should be set separately. The cabinet and internal settings of the distribution boxes of all levels must comply with the safety regulations, the switchgear should be marked for use, and the cabinets should be numbered uniformly. The power distribution box to be used should be cut off, the door should be locked, and the fixed distribution box should be fenced and protected from rain and flood.
The general requirements for explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes shall not be made of flammable materials. If wood materials are used, they shall be subjected to flame-retardant treatment. The opening of the box shall be matched with the diameter of the conduit, the edges shall be neat, the opening position shall be correct, and the power supply pipe shall be on the left. The load tube is on the right. The bottom of the lighting distribution box is 1. 5m from the ground, and the bottom of the lighting distribution board is not less than 1.8m from the ground. The box (disk) has complete components, neat wiring, and correct wiring without splicing. The circuit number is complete and the identification is correct. The wires are tightly connected and do not hurt the core wire. The cross-sectional area of ​​the wire pressed on both sides of the washer is the same, and the number of wires on the same terminal is not more than 2, and the anti-loose washer and other parts are complete. The electrical appliances and instruments on the distribution box should be firm, straight, clean and evenly spaced. The copper terminals are not loose, flexible opening and closing, and complete parts.

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