22 important knowledge points for weak electrical engineering wiring

When we are doing weak electricity projects, we will always encounter such problems: What is the most important thing in weak electricity engineering? Which part is the construction focus? Will there be good system engineering quality with good products?
In fact, the quality of a project is good or bad. It can be seen from the wiring project. The wiring is not standardized, which directly affects the overall stability of the project. For a project, the amount of pre-wired engineering accounts for three minutes of the entire project construction period. In the second time, using a good transmission system, or equipped with a construction team with super-strong construction experience, will definitely play a decisive role in the quality of the entire system. Since the wiring system is so important,
So what should you pay attention to when wiring?
1. Cable marking content: The manufacturer's factory name or code and cable type specification, manufacturing year, cable length are marked on the cable jacket at approximately 1M intervals.
2, plastic trunking and its accessories model specifications should meet the design requirements, and select the appropriate stereotypes. The ambient temperature of the laying place shall not be lower than -15 degrees Celsius, and the flame retardancy oxygen index shall not be lower than 27%. The inside and outside of the line groove should be smooth and free of ribs, and there should be no deformation such as distortion or warping, and there is a product certificate.
3. There should be redundancy when the cable is laid. In the cabinet, the length of the twisted pair cable is usually 3~6m; the terminal is 0.3~0.6m; the reserved length of the cable at the equipment end is generally 5~10m; if there are special requirements, the length should be reserved according to the design requirements. .
4. When the movable floor is laid between the equipments, the plates are laid tightly and sturdy. The allowable deviation per square meter should not exceed 2mm. The floor pillars are firm. The grounding of the anti-static measures of the raised floor should meet the requirements of design and product description.
5. Each pair of twisted pairs should be kept twisted as much as possible, and the non-twisted length should not be greater than 13mm.
6. The stripping layer should not be scratched and should be stripped with special tools.
7. No joints may occur in the middle of the cable.
8. The longest line spacing of the twisted pair is 100 meters. The available twisted pair repeater connections over 100 meters are lengthened. The number of repeaters in each line cannot exceed three.
9. Optical fiber transmission distance: transmission rate 1Gb/s, 850nm, ordinary 50μm multimode fiber transmission distance 550m, common 62.5μm multimode fiber transmission distance 275m, new 50μm multimode fiber transmission distance 1100m.
10. The bending radius of the cable should meet the following requirements:
(1) The bending radius of the unshielded 4-pair twisted pair cable shall be at least 4 times the outer diameter of the cable and shall be at least 8 times during the construction process.
(2) The bending radius of the shielded twisted pair cable should be at least 6~10 times of the outer diameter of the cable.
(3) The bending radius of the trunk twisted pair cable shall be at least 10 times the outer diameter of the cable.
(4) The bending radius of the cable shall be at least 1.5 times the outer diameter of the cable and shall be at least 20 times during the construction process.
11. When the twisted pair is connected to the information socket (RJ45), it must be connected in the order of color code and line pair. The type of socket, color code and number should be in accordance with the provisions of T568A and T568B.
12. When making the crystal head, the outer protective layer of the cable needs to be pressed in the joint and not outside the joint, because when the cable is subjected to external tension, the whole cable is stressed, otherwise the force is the metal connected to the cable and the joint. section.
13. When the twisted pair cable is connected with the wiring module (IDC, RJ45), it should be operated according to the design and manufacturer's specifications.
14. The shielding layer of the shielded twisted pair cable is in reliable contact with the shield cover at the connector end. The cable shielding layer should be in circumferential contact with the connector shield 360o, and the contact length should not be less than 100mm.
15. The two ends of each double glue line should be glued and numbered for easy installation and maintenance.
16. Provide reliable construction power and grounding devices between the junction room and the equipment room.
17. Temporary power supply at the construction site shall have complete plugs, switches, sockets, and leakage protectors. Temporary power shall be used for cables. The power line is divided into three colors: red on fire, blue on neutral, and yellow on ground. All unidirectional sockets should be connected to the left or right fire or the zero.
18. When the power line pipe passes under the ground, the casing must be tightly connected. No joints are allowed under the ground. Elbows must be applied to the ground. Before the ground is closed, the PVC casing must be protected from cracking damage. When the floor tiles are laid, the PVC casing should be covered. When the wooden floor is nailed, the power cable should be laid along the corner to prevent the power cord from being damaged by the nail.
19, the power cord is horizontal and vertical, can not be diagonally pulled to prevent damage by electric hammer and nails.
20, all kinds of strong and weak electrical socket interface should be as little as possible. All sockets and switches should be above 300mm above the ground and will not be blocked by sliding door furniture.
21. The weak electric line and the strong electric line are not allowed to be shared with one tube, and the separation distance is 0.5m or more.
22, the power supply between the various sections of the project should be controlled as far as possible, as far as possible to provide separate power supply, do not worry about each other. In addition, the specification of the wiring depends on the strict requirements of the management personnel and the attitude of the construction personnel.

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