Granulator technology continues to evolve to achieve continuous production

In the pharmaceutical production process, granulation is one of the important links. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the market demand for granulators is also growing. In addition, as the quality requirements of national pharmaceuticals continue to increase, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly demanding granulators. Nowadays, various granulator products are available, such as dry granulators, wet granulators, mixing granulators, fluidized bed granulators, etc.

Among them, the medicinal dry granulator is an environmentally friendly granulation process, which can directly make powder and dry powder into new granules without adding water, ethanol and other binders. The device can be widely used in the granulation of the pharmaceutical industry, and is especially suitable for granulation of materials that are decomposed or agglomerated by heat and heat. The prepared granules can be used for tableting, tablet filling, making granules, improving feeding dust, increasing fluidity, increasing bulk density, etc. The particle size can be adjusted according to user requirements, particle size range: 0.1-10mm irregular particles Or oblate granules, when the yield: 30-1000kg.

It is understood that the purpose of the pharmaceutical granulator is mainly to improve the physical properties of the product, such as fluidity, gas permeability, bulk density, etc., to avoid subsequent operations (drying, screening, metering) and use process (metering, ingredients, etc.) Defects such as segregation, pulsation, agglomeration, and bridging occur. The granulator plays an important role in the pharmaceutical production process.

With the continuous development and advancement of technology, granulator technology is constantly being updated and upgraded. It is reported that in recent years, the granulation process in the United States, European countries and Japan is gradually shifting from mass production to continuous production to increase production, product consistency and reduce production costs. In response to this trend, a Japanese company has developed a continuous granulator.

According to reports, the equipment can realize continuous production from the process of granulation to drying in the traditional batch production, and the three processes of granulation, granulation and drying can be integrated into one equipment. “The equipment is mainly composed of twin-screw extruder, vertical granulator, spiral dryer and recovery unit. Continuous granulation is realized by twin-screw extruder and vertical granulator, and continuous drying is realized by spiral dryer. ."

The birth of the continuous granulator will be easy to increase production, reduce the cost of research and development, and adopt a continuous production method, which can reduce the probability of contamination caused by product exposure and greatly improve product quality.

As one of the main equipments in the pharmaceutical production process, the granulator directly affects the quality of pharmaceutical granules. In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, some new granulation technologies have played a certain role in promoting the improvement of preparation technology. The industry said that more technologically advanced equipment will be born in the future.

The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for granulation, controlling costs and maintaining medicinal properties are their basic standards. The continuous granulator will make these aspects come to the fore. In addition, dry granulators also play an important role in pharmaceutical production. The dry granulator is also a new granulation method produced according to the requirements. It is an environmentally friendly granulation process, which can directly press the powder into pellets.

The application of new technology makes the performance of granulator greatly improve the efficiency and quality of pharmaceutical granulation. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry and the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of the country, granulator enterprises need to pay attention to technological innovation in the development process. Better meet the needs of pharmaceutical granulation.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, people's quality requirements for medicines are getting higher and higher, and the application of new granulation technology can greatly improve the preparation efficiency of pellets and the quality of finished products. The industry said that in the future development, granulator enterprises need to pay attention to technological innovation, and continue to innovate with the changes in the market, such as meeting the requirements of cleanliness, flexibility and other aspects.

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