Effect of fertilizer input on soil nutrient content

Soil nutrient status is an important indicator of farmland soil fertility. The fixed monitoring of farmland fertilizer input and soil nutrient levels can not only be used to guide the application of fertilizers in the surrounding farmland, but also the results of long-term monitoring

Discussion on Measures to Strengthen Gear Contact Force

Increasing the number of gear teeth and the modulus can reduce the contact stress, and the number of teeth and the modulus cannot be amplified. The tooth width is increased, and the contact stress can be reduced theoretically. However, the tooth width should not be too wide due to the supp

Join the joint procurement team for free and enjoy the "Top Ten" service

Free to join the joint procurement team to enjoy the "Ten" feature service Zhongzhao Tongming (Beijing) Joint Procurement Service Center will provide the following "Top Ten" free services for the lighting engineering company joining the joint procurement team: 1. Join the jo

Analysis of the Role of New National Standard in Motorcycle Gears

The new national standard gives different tolerance values ​​for different moduli and different index circle diameters. Within a certain modulo range, as the diameter of the index circle increases, the tolerance value also increases; Within a certain range of the circle, as t