How to use a multimeter

How to use a multimeter Grounding resistance tester is a common instrument for measuring grounding resistance. It is also an indispensable tool for acceptance inspection of electrical safet

Centrifugal pump basic equations

Centrifugal pump is based on the rotation of the impeller to pump water, then, working water flow in the rotating impeller is how to exercise it? How much head can a rotating impeller produce? For these law

Keppel Far East launches new drilling ship design

Recently, Singapore rig builder Keppel Fels has launched a new rig design designed to build and deliver the next generation of deep water with a 20,000 psi blowout preventer with i

Car paint maintenance and paint coating maintenance methods

When a car travels outside for a long time, naturally it will inevitably fall into dust. Generally, it only needs to be rinsed regularly with water. However, if some organic matter sticks to the body sometimes it is more troublesome. For example, some trees secrete a kind of resin. When t

How to properly install and use eddy current sensors

The eddy current sensor adopts non-contact measurement. It has a wide measuring range, good dynamic response, high measurement accuracy, long-term transmission anti-interference ability, no medium influence, simple structure, easy calibration, continuous long-term reliable operation and so