A Brief Analysis of the Spectrum of Column Gears

Spectral analysis of tangential integrated error We measured the overall error of the tooth surface of a single spur gear (m=2.5mm, z=44) on the CD320G-D single-bit instrument, and the two-way error obtained after computer processing. Tangential comprehensive error curve (the upper one is

Independent analysis of the process diagram in the gear CAPP system

For the characteristics of the gear parts, the API function provided by the CAXA electronic board secondary development platform EBADS is used to prepare the parameter drawing subroutine with VC 5.0, so as to realize the automatic generation of the process diagram. The following is an example o

2013 Truck Market: Several Happy Home Worries

After encountering the "winter" of 2012, what do truck companies think about the 2013 heavy truck market? With the recent closing of corporate business conferences in a row, the answer has gradually emerged.

Recently, the reporter sorted out the market pre-judgment of e

Dongfeng Wrecker

The China Car Net Wrecker has been included in China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Wrecker Cars Announcement All 5 Categories 92 Manufacturers 86 Wrecker Brands 1563 Wrecker Products, Latest Wrecker Announcements, Environmental

Kjeldahl method for measuring ammonia nitrogen in feed

Ammonium nitrogen (NH3N) is present in silage in the form of free ammonia (NH3) or ammonium salt (NH4+). The composition ratio of the two depends on the pH of the silage. When the pH is high, it exists in free form. It exists as an ammonium salt. 2以下。 Silage wel