Analysis and Comparison of Bearing Support Methods of Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

Technology and Application Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Bearing Support Analysis and Comparison Anqing Petrochemical Refinery Mobile Ke Anqing 246001 Wang Boliang Shanghai University Bearing Research Office Shanghai 200072 Zhu Huajin comparison, draws a good conclusion.

_, Introduction Ingersoll Rand's air compressors should be widely used in China's petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, steel and other industries, characterized by high efficiency, high speed, and multi-stage compression device. Its maximum speed reaches more than 40,000 revolutions per minute. Its support bearing adopts uniform three-displacement bearing. Due to the extremely high rotor speed, not only the design and manufacture of the bearing is extremely important, but also the support of the bearing is also the stability of the rotor and the use of the bearing. Life expectancy has a big impact. Figure 1 shows the support type of the 2A55X3 air compressor, and Figure 2 shows the support type of the 2A 553 air compressor. This paper theoretically analyzes the two support modes of the bearings on the Ingersoll Rand air compressor 2A55X3 and compares their pressure and temperature distribution.

The oil groove has an opening angle of 18°, and the opening angle is about 2, half and two. ;

Compare the support bearings of the third-stage rotor with the highest speed. This bearing is a uniform 3-displacement bearing. The diameter of the journal is also very flexible. The annual opening angle of the matte 20 is about 51. The gap between the inlet end of the hole base and the base circle is 24 = the gap between the base circles = 0.01511, coincident, bearing length 1 = 3531 The other geometric parameters of the central and the outlet end and the base circle 2 drink 盏 5 sense 3 type air compressor support type can be derived from the above parameters, the relevant formula is: the radius gap between the base circle and the journal. =0.5, the difference between the radius and the journal radius = oA misalignment coefficient t = / sina virtual minimum gap i = 1 1. gap ratio = [ / [, the lower midpoint of the upper support bearing of these parameters is located on the vertical axis Turn clockwise to 15. The lower midpoint of the intermediate support bearing is located in the middle of the oil groove.

The above parameters must be clever when calculating bearing performance: : Set,. Theoretical analysis /. Fluid dynamics behavior of oil film using variable viscosity nanoflow flow state Reynolds equation to express industrial media technology and application operation and application film friends w, such as the middle skin and the type of Zhongshan 3 lucky sleeve pressure, unit, 3 lubrication Oil power dryness, the unit is, 38 tank thickness, the unit is "11 journal radius, the unit is "1 journal angular velocity circumferential angle coordinate, from the vertical upward direction, measured in the direction of rotation; axial coordinate; journal分量, the component of the displacement velocity in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction relative to the 屯 in the axis; the circumferential and axial flow coefficients applied in the flow pattern of the gas film in the oil film, using the NgPan flow slip theory as the wall law Determined for the theoretical basis.

4 screen corpse; piece = 1 heart § 竺 竺 尸 6 Reynolds number, for the circumferential speed of the journal.

When calculating the static characteristics, the journal displacement speed in the above equation is equal to the Reynolds equation taking its normal form; Qiu 3 Xing Min Qiao Xing strives to calculate the static characteristics when the force boundary condition is: at the oil inlet edge, = 1. 1 is the oil inlet pressure; at the rupture of the cell membrane, the Reynolds boundary condition is adopted: under the above pressure boundary condition, the ARI method cross direction iteration method is used to solve the oil film pressure by solving the Reynolds equation without exceeding the relative error of 0.0001. distributed.

The thermodynamic relationship in the oil film flow field is adiabatic energy equation. Table 12 is fortunately 2 v. oil film temperature; lubricating oil temperature; _ 俾 lubricating oil specific heat capacity.

The temperature-viscosity relationship of the lubricating oil is the expression of the Glienike-Han type formula.

For the 22 turbine oil, according to its temperature-viscosity relationship, the least squares method is used to optimize the fit, and the software takes £1=2.2.

Simultaneously solve the energy equation and the relationship between temperature and dryness, and calculate the temperature distribution and the dryness distribution.

The above two calculation pressures are alternately iterated between the distribution calculation and the temperature viscosity calculation until convergence, that is, the relative error of the viscosity field does not exceed 0.003, and the sleeve pressure distribution, temperature distribution and viscosity distribution under constant working conditions are obtained.

The formula for calculating the joint force of the oil belly is that the household, household, and household are the bearing capacity components of the bearing in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction, respectively.

Oil film resultant force must be balanced with load: load, unit; load angle. Fourth, the working conditions parameters / / 45, the oil pressure is not rape. Working speed n=42642/lin. The rotor weight is estimated to be about 15kg, the vertical load of each bearing is F=75N, the working power of the H-th stage rotor is 298.2W, and the bearing load is calculated as the Geometric parameters, static characteristics, working condition parameters, using the calculation results of the software package of Shanghai University Bearing Research Institute, respectively, the angular temperature of the upper support and the inter-support two ways, see the surrounding 3, Figure 4, the angular position - the pressure is shown in Figure 5. Figure 6 illustrates a comparison.

The two types of support are the highest temperature, but the joints are fixed in 2003. The angular temperature of the period. The maximum pressure of the 0150 angular position/country 3 upper-angle pressure inter-pressure angle-type temperature-supporting shaft is about 2 Pa less than the maximum pressure of the upper support shaft.

The maximum pressure position of the upper support shaft is about 200° in the angular position, that is, 20° clockwise to the lower, and the pressure is 12.07Pa. The maximum temperature position is at the angular position 230. That is, at the lower oil outlet, the temperature is 73.04. especially.

The maximum pressure position of the shaft supported by the joint is about 85° in the angular position, that is, the reverse oil is reversed by 20° at the lower oil groove, and the pressure is 10.13Pa. The maximum temperature position is at the angle of 230°, that is, at the left outlet, the temperature is Section 73.

The maximum pressure of the shaft directly affects the service life of the bearing. If the partial pressure is too large, the shaft alloy will be cracked and melted until local partial loss occurs. Anqing Petrochemical Air Compressor Station 2A55X3 air compressor two support modes for 7 contrast operation, the vibration is about 25.4μ. After the operation year, after inspection, the coking phenomenon and local wear of the support shaft were significantly better than those of the upper support shaft.

In addition to failures, it eliminates safety hazards in production sites and resumes production. To achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of wellsite personnel and equipment.

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