·In 2015, natural gas development will increase

As the saying goes, the new year and new weather, with the pace of 2015 let us look at how the trend of the natural gas industry in 2015 is developing.

The thirteenth five-year period will usher in the growth of natural gas

With the increasing problem of domestic air pollution, energy structure adjustment is imperative. However, due to factors such as natural gas supply bottlenecks and unsatisfactory price mechanisms, the growth of the domestic natural gas industry in the past decade or so is still “suppressed growth”. With the rapid development of resource development, pipeline construction, natural gas import and unconventional natural gas exploitation during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, it laid the foundation for the rapid growth of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Supply release: both internal and external, diversified supply pattern formation

With the increase in exploration and the advancement of mining technology, the development of domestic natural gas resources is expected to reach a new level during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The import of gas sources will be combined with the introduction of natural gas pipelines in the northwest, southwest and northeast, and the multi-supply pattern of natural gas imported from the eastern coastal LNG. Combining the growth of domestic natural gas production, the rhythm of imported pipelines and the capacity building of LNG receiving stations, we expect domestic natural gas supply to maintain a compound annual growth rate of around 12% from 2015 to 2020 to ensure the realization of domestic energy structure optimization goals. .

Demand pull: rapid expansion of downstream gas customers

The increase in urban life gas consumption is mainly due to the increase of urban natural gas penetration rate and the replacement of natural gas with artificial gas and liquefied petroleum gas; the increase of industrial gas is mainly the new boiler coal to industrial gas and the chemical industry to hydrogen production. Demand for raw materials is increasing; transportation gas is determined by the strength of gas station construction and oil and gas economy. We expect domestic natural gas demand in 2015 to be approximately 220.5 billion cubic meters, an increase of approximately 31.5 billion square meters from 2014, an increase of 16.6%. The Energy Development Strategic Action Plan identifies the 13th Five-Year Natural Gas Growth Target.

Natural gas price change: gas price merger is expected to be realized ahead of schedule

The impact of falling international oil prices and the decline in Asia-Pacific natural gas prices on domestic natural gas price reforms has gradually emerged. In the context of the rapid marketization of domestic natural gas gate price, the terminal price sensitivity to crude oil price is much weaker than the door station price, and city gas distributors are expected to obtain higher returns in this round of oil price decline.

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