·Over 200 "taking a car software" to seize the road freight market

From small blackboard to mobile app
In China, road freight accounts for up to 80% of all transportation. According to recent data released by the logistics industry media, China's annual road transportation costs are about 4 trillion yuan, while the number of cargo owners and logistics companies exceeds one million, and the number of drivers reaches 30 million. Such a huge market, due to information asymmetry, sub-contracting and other issues, resulting in long-term high logistics costs. According to data released by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, in recent years, the ratio of total social logistics expenditure to GDP in China has remained at around 18%. This ratio is 9.5 percentage points higher than the United States, Japan and Germany, and about 6.5 percentage points higher than the global average.
Han Xuefeng, deputy general manager of the transportation business division of Sinopharm Pharmaceutical Logistics Co., Ltd., said that in order to reduce logistics costs, it is necessary to integrate freight resources and improve the informationization level of the logistics industry.
Pan Yonggang, the founder of the logistics salon, told the reporter of China Business News that the most primitive informationization of the freight industry is reflected on a small blackboard. Initially, there were many small blackboards in the logistics parks and truck parking lots across the country. The cargo owners wrote the shipping information and contact information on the small blackboard, and then the drivers would look around and pick the information of interest and contact the owner. Later, with the popularity of the Internet, some people tried to move the mode of the small blackboard to the network. After the emergence of the smartphone, the App mode of the mobile terminal began to emerge.
Han Xuefeng said that the freight application is starting to come to everyone's vision at the end of 2013, and 2014 is the most crazy year of development.
It is understood that the main function of the current freight application in the market is to use the mobile Internet to build a bridge for information exchange between the owner and the driver. The platform gathers a large number of cargo owners and owner resources. The owner and the owner can publish or find their own suitable source information at any time through the platform. Vehicle source information, and determine the location of the truck through the software's GPS system.
Wang Guanghong, the head of Cao Cao Logistics Network and the chairman of Rongyu Industrial Group, told reporters that he was mainly engaged in the energy industry. In 2010, he saw the prospect of logistics informationization and founded Cao Cao Logistics Network. Last year, the team developed Cao Cao Logistics App. Our app is free to provide information for shippers and drivers, but we also provide some special services such as helicopter rescue. To enjoy these special services, we must be our members, members need to pay certain membership fees. "Our industry and model are very promising. According to the member's payment of 100 yuan, about 60 yuan is calculated by cost. A member's annual membership fee is 300 yuan. If there are 2 million to 3 million members, there will be In addition to profitability, we hope that through the efforts of enterprises and the support of the state, the logistics cost will be reduced by 1% to 1.5% in the next three to five years."
Duan Wei, co-founder of transportation management software developer oTMS, said that because China's logistics industry is often sub-contracted and involved in many parties, it is easy to cause information asymmetry and low information flow rate. For example, it is difficult for cargo owners to see the goods. And the specific circumstances of the driver. We have developed an oTMS system and two App. The oTMS system is used by the owner or the logistics company. The two App users are the driver and the consignee. In this way, the parties can share the cargo information and abnormal conditions in real time. Delivery and receipt time, while reducing unnecessary repetitive communication.
According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 200 shipping apps on the market. Pan Yonggang said that the trend of the freight application industry has a lot to do with the development of e-commerce. Everyone has seen that the Internet has subverted the retail industry, and the future will certainly subvert the logistics industry. Therefore, traditional logistics companies have begun to actively deploy and intensify the construction of cloud systems. Develop an app and expect to take the lead in this round. The application software of taxis and other taxis in the taxi field has achieved great success under the impetus of capital. It has also stimulated the development of Internet logistics platforms and freight applications. Now more and more capital has entered this field, so that everyone has seen "one The possibility of products getting tens of millions of financing, the occurrence of black chickens and phoenixes constantly happening, which also stimulates everyone's nerves.
In recent months, there have been a lot of financing for shipping software. According to media reports, oTMS announced at the end of last year that it received a $6 million Series A round of financing from Jingwei. The same city delivery car software "cargo pull" in January this year received 10 million US dollars A round of financing. In the middle of January, “Cloud Bird Distribution” just received a $10 million Series A financing jointly invested by Jingwei China, Jinshajiang and Shanda Capital.
Pan Yonggang told reporters that there are several people who are doing logistics applications, and those who are traditional logistics companies. These people have been doing logistics for many years. They think that App can change the market structure and start to get involved in this field. There are also a group of people. It is originally a logistics information system or a GPS positioning system. They have the advantage of informationization, and they have always served the logistics enterprise and feel that they understand logistics. The third type is the pure Internet. This group of people did not do logistics. Most of the founders jumped out of the Internet. These people thought more directly. I felt that I developed a product and let more drivers install their own apps. Achieving a relatively high market share will definitely find a way to achieve profitability. "In the past few years, everyone has focused on building platforms. The next step is definitely the platform war. No matter which platform of the three factions, it needs to be tested by the market."
“Miscellaneous” is Han Xuefeng’s first impression of the current freight app market. "There are more than 40 kinds of apps on my own mobile phone, and the information is flying every day. In order to attract users, many softwares have launched very attractive activities. Together with operators, the system is free to send mobile phones and installed systems. The oil delivery card that reaches the frequency of transactions has cash, and various marketing methods are available. This phenomenon is similar to the drip and fast price wars, all in order to grab users."
“In this time, every time I go out to a meeting, I will find new app companies and new models. Some companies that have just started doing it now have already died down. But for this industry, chess pieces and cannon fodder are useful, at least they Summarized the experience for the development of the freight app." Han Xuefeng said.
Market development requires supervision mechanism Although the market is so hot, the enthusiasm of capital is very high, but in the field of freight application, there has not been a company with a very high market share such as taxi software, such as Didi, Fast. In Pan Yonggang's view, this is related to the characteristics of the freight industry. Taxi is a government-controlled industry. It is a market that has been solidified by the license system. The pattern is very stable. Its process is short and very standardized, so a new model emerges. Can quickly subvert to seize the market. In contrast, the logistics industry has a wide range, the market structure is highly dispersed, coupled with the long process, the standardization of the process is not enough, and the traditional logistics enterprise information is very low. For such a large industry, App The development requires a very long incubation cycle.
In addition, the security of the information is also the reason why the shipping app cannot be recognized by more shippers and drivers. For example, the owner of the car was deceived through the work of the App, and the driver who found the goods through the software pulled the goods away and so on. Hebei truck driver Lao He has been transporting for more than ten years. He has been looking for sources of supply through familiar logistics agencies or agencies. He has seen some young drivers worry about using the app. "What if you are cheated or run empty, this is not a joke, or a familiar way."
In Pan Yonggang's view, the original small blackboard of the Logistics Park is the same as the current App. The role is to transmit information. It cannot be considered as the fault of the logistics park because of the problem of the authenticity of the information you see on the small blackboard. App is the interface for providing information, but the price, delivery location, etc. are all negotiated between the driver and the owner. Now most of the App platform has not been involved in the transaction process of logistics and transportation. If you enter the transaction process, it is necessary to bear The corresponding obligation.
Wang Guanghong said that the security issue is actually a credit issue. Some passengers called the car with a drip, and the driver took the order, but the driver took four or five minutes to come. The passenger just happened to meet an empty car in the process, and he might get on the train directly. This is the taxi. The problems that the App often encounters, the same applies to the shipping application. This credit problem cannot be completely eliminated, and it can only be restricted from the system. If a driver and his car are safely operating on our platform for a long time, or if the insurance company has integrity insurance, our App platform will push the car and give his car an asterisk, just like the Taobao rating. Han Xuefeng seems that any industry must have supervision when it has experienced its start, development and madness. The road transportation distance is long and the value of the goods is large. The information security of the App must be valued by the state and enterprises.
“In the future, the concentration of the market will definitely increase, and the platform will be refined. There will be corresponding platforms in different logistics segments, but there will be no platform that can dominate the world. If there are enterprises, the market can account for 10%. ~20%, it is already a giant." Pan Yonggang expects that in the next five years or so, the market will begin to see signs, some companies may emerge from the competition, but in the field of freight applications, a single big basically It is impossible.

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