Beiping Street night view upgrade completed during the year

Recently, Xiangcheng District has carried out urban and rural environmental demonstration and upgrading activities, and will create one provincial, municipal and district-level demonstration road sections, from the strict investigation of the road occupation, the implementation of the seven roads to enhance the work, proposed to the urban area 116 The free public toilets will be subject to corporate management, and Beiping Street will achieve night scenes during the year. Another special street will be built. Road Improvement This year, 7 roads will be upgraded. Yesterday, the staff of the Yucheng District City Appearance Bureau introduced that the district will create one provincial, municipal and district demonstration road sections, and one provincial, municipal and district demonstration districts. 2 provincial-level model villages, 3 municipal-level model villages and 5 district-level model villages will be built. Focusing on the Wenlin Road flower and bird fish market, Binhe market, Minsheng West Road and other areas, from the strict investigation of the road management, out of shop operations, scribbling, chaos, chaos, chaos And other violations. This year, Weicheng District will continue to implement the improvement of seven roads such as Xiangyang East Road, Wenhui Road, Wenlin Road, Minsheng Road, Chaoyang Second Road, Union Second Road and Xinxing North Road. , the renovation of the air conditioning grille. During the year, the night scene of Beiping Street will be upgraded, and LED light sources such as wall washers will be installed. The night scene lighting style of the north exit of Yucheng Bridge will be presented, and another characteristic block will be built. At present, the night view of Beiping Street has been tendered. This year, Weicheng District will implement greening and beauty projects along the street, planting trees, planting flowers and roads, and road greening, and building greening plazas, flower ponds, flower stands, sketches and other streets in major streets, demonstration roads and urban gateway spaces. Landscape, refurbishment of street green space, the land on both sides of the road should be hard, green, green, and the existing green belts, street trees and turf should be sorted, trimmed, replanted, and fully utilized on both sides of Jincun Road and Murakami Road. Carry out greening, form a village green corridor, and create a number of characteristic neighborhoods and Sihua Village. Cleaning and cleaning of 116 free public toilets to be proposed for corporate management It is reported that this year, Weicheng District will follow the government supervision, the company operates, the powers and responsibilities are clear, the financial approval of the new cleaning and cleaning work mode, one street to run a company, one company and one region, government and enterprises Separate, clear responsibilities, quantitative verification, market-oriented thinking of supervision and implementation, standardizing the duties of clearing, clearing, clearing, clearing and clearing, and the introduction of Wenhui, Zhouling and Yucheng. Fully realize the new management mechanism of district-level unified guidance, specific supervision of street offices, independent operation of enterprises, and comprehensive evaluation of effects, and continuously improve the standardization, demonstration and clean-up of garbage collection and disposal. At the same time, it is proposed to implement a corporate management system for 116 free public toilets in the urban area, introduce two public toilet management companies and one public toilet to kill the company, implement market-oriented operation in areas and grades, increase supervision and inspection, and form public toilet management and maintenance. The new system of market-oriented operation, the current public toilet management system is led by the government to hire public toilet administrators, the recruitment, inspection, evaluation is integrated into one, the management is more difficult. After the implementation of the corporatized operation, the government will hire a management company to recruit and inspect. The government is only responsible for the final assessment, which will facilitate the improvement of the management level of public toilets. At the same time, Weicheng District will use the digital city management, district-level social affairs center and public security Tianyan platform to supplement, deepen and improve the mid-end and end digital city appearance supervision facilities, according to unit management, grid management. The refinement requirements of road section management, realizing on-site supervision, first-time feedback, first-time rectification, first-time supervision, and the new digital city appearance management mechanism that responded to the first time. Now where there is a sanitary corner in Yucheng, where to do well, at a glance. The staff of the Yucheng District City Appearance Bureau said that the Weicheng District opened the WeChat group of city appearance and environmental management. After more than one month of trial operation, more than 1,800 inspection questions were issued. The city appearance and environmental management WeChat group will include the main leaders of the city and city bureau, the leaders in charge of the department, the heads of the departments, the heads of the offices and the heads of departments, etc., and timely report on the problems found, the measures for rectification, and the effects of implementation. At the same time, the appearance and inspection of the appearance of the city appearance and environmental management staff will be carried out at any time, and the problems such as littering and sanitation, and the dead corners will be photographed by mobile phone and uploaded to the city environment management WeChat group. Require relevant responsible units to rectify within a limited time, and upload and send a WeChat reply to the scene of the rectification. At the same time, in the street offices, the city environment and WeChat group will be established, and a new grid management model of the city environment will be formed.

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