Temperature and humidity monitor intelligently control the temperature and humidity of vegetable greenhouses

In order to ensure the production of vegetables, the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are the key factors for the development of a good growing environment for vegetables. If the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are too high or too low, it will have negative consequences for the growth of vegetables. Therefore, the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse need to be monitored in real time. As far as vegetable greenhouses are concerned, various production scales coexist. To adapt to different scales of vegetable production, the application of temperature and humidity monitors is very necessary.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system hardware structure consists of power supply, sensor, key input part, display alarm, control output, bus module. The power supply module is used to convert AC power into stable DC power supplies of various levels. The sensor module is used to measure the ambient temperature and humidity of the greenhouse and convert it into a digital electrical signal. The control module is used to read the digital signal output by the sensor and output after processing. The display module displays the temperature and humidity values ​​and compares them with the upper and lower limits of the temperature and humidity. When the limit is exceeded, the alarm is triggered and the intelligent output module is actuated.

Temperature and humidity monitor temperature and humidity sensor SHT71 complete a measurement of the working order is generally: set the sensor resolution → send "start transmission" command → send measurement command → read the output of the measured value → the output measured value is converted to physical quantities. The microcontroller first issues a startup transfer sequence, then calls the write sequence to issue a measurement command for temperature or humidity (depending on the entry parameters), and then waits for the measurement to complete. After the measurement is complete, the read sequence is called to read back the measurement result. It should be noted that only when the communication error flag error is zero, the communication is correct, and the result of reading back is valid. In the main program, if the communication error flag error is detected as non-zero, it is necessary to use the reset timing to reset the serial port and then perform the measurement again. Two modules for temperature reading and humidity reading are designed in the system, and the program flow is the same. Only the measuring instructions are different (the temperature is “00000011” and the humidity is “00000101”).

The temperature and humidity monitor detects the temperature and humidity changes in the greenhouse through a temperature detection circuit and converts it into a digital electrical signal for processing by the SCM. The upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity are set by the keyboard. When the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse exceeds the limit, the external output is driven by the intelligent output module. The equipment completes the adjustment of temperature and humidity, and realizes automation of the greenhouse measurement and control. The measurement elements used greatly simplify the design of hardware and software. The system structure is simple to debug and cost-effective, and because of its excellent performance characteristics, it improves system stability and measurement precision, and is widely used in northern Liaoning.

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