Samsung once again will OLED business independently or eat "returning grass"

Samsung Electronics, a panel business of Samsung Electronics Co., once again split the LCD panel and OLED business into two divisions, which attracted industry attention. Samsung seems to want to assign expertise to the two departments and boost marketing capabilities, and the market is rumored that Samsung intends to rebuild its OLEDTV business. South Korean media BusinessKorea quoted industry news on the 2nd, Samsung's recent divisional action was to rectify the marketing strategy, because the LCD panel business focused on TV, monitors and tablets, while the OLED business focused on mobile phones, with a very different target customer base. . Some market participants also predict that Samsung may promote new investment plans and develop a new generation of OLED screens after rebuilding the OLED sector. In addition, there are more and more people in the market expecting that Samsung can re-enter the OLEDTV field in the near future. According to market news, SamsungDisplay is considering the time of mass production, and also began to focus on the research and development of large-size OLED panels.

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