Yunnei Power Joins Aoling to Promote Natural Gas Engine

Recently, Yunnei Power joined hands with Ao Ling Brand's Shaanxi agent, Shaanxi Guangpingxuan Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. to jointly carry out a two-day natural gas vehicle tour exhibition. Along the route from Xi'an to Minnan touring, the team went deep into the local building materials and fruit wholesale markets. Yunnei’s overseas market staff distributed a large amount of promotional materials to customers and presented fine gifts. During the event, more than 1,500 users came to consult and visit, including more than 30 people who are interested in buying cars.

In this activity, Yunnei personnel emphasized the many features of Yunnei's power natural gas engine , its five-level emission level, strong power, strong endurance, good economic performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and service guarantee. By the majority of users trust.

The on-site users took a serious look at the show and conducted a test drive. Yunnei Power Market sales staff patiently explained, so that the majority of customers have a deep understanding of the Yunnei power natural gas engine, but also enhance the willingness of potential users to buy cars, for the company's Northwest region of natural gas The promotion of the engine has further broadened the road. It is believed that in the March of this spring, Yunnei’s natural gas engine sales will also usher in “sunny days”.

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