Understand the criteria for the selection of food machinery equipment

During the construction process of food processing plants, the quality of equipment selection is an important sign of the proposed plant's technical content. The development of advanced, applicable, and reasonable equipment selection methods is an important task for food processing plant construction. At present, China's food processing industry does not have a unified standard for equipment selection. It generally adopts a reference design method for equipment selection, and often suffers from defects such as backward equipment selection and unmatched equipment, which seriously restricts the construction level of certain food processing plants. . Therefore, on the basis of extensive investigations and studies and drawing on advanced experience at home and abroad, the basic requirements for the selection of food machinery and equipment have been proposed.

The purpose of food processing: to maintain the original quality characteristics of food, improve and improve the quality characteristics of food, change the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of food to meet people's different needs, improve the use of food value and economic value, through food processing or Deep processing develops and produces new products and realizes added value.

Equipment selection features: The working parts and technical parameters of the equipment should be compatible with the biological characteristics of the processed products and meet the processing requirements of the final products; the raw materials and final products should be strictly controlled during the process of processing to damage and reduce the quality; the final product is food or The processing equipment for food raw materials shall prevent the contamination of the final product by machinery or other materials to ensure that the final product meets the requirements for food hygiene; and the emissions (slag, lees, pulp, liquid, gas, etc.) from the food processing process shall be avoided in the environment. Pollution should be equipped with disposal equipment for polluted emissions to meet emission requirements; for foods containing multiple nutrients or medicinal ingredients, consideration should be given to reducing the loss of nutrients or ingredients of processing equipment; emphasis should be placed on by-products and The comprehensive development of leftovers makes full use of resources and improves economic efficiency.

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