·Over 200 "taking a car software" to seize the road freight market

From small blackboard to mobile app
In China, road freight accounts for up to 80% of all transportation. According to recent data released by the logistics industry media, China's annual road transportation costs are about 4 trillion yuan, while the number of cargo owners an

Car Rental for Spring Festival

Every time when it is approaching the Spring Festival, tickets and tickets are always a "narrow stock." Buying tickets has become a worry for many home leavers at the end of each year. Nowadays, more and more

Air compressor installation location selection

1. When installing the air compressor, it is necessary to have a wide lighting area for operation and maintenance.
2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, the dust is small, the air is clean and well ventilated, away from inflammable and explosive, corrosive chemicals and har

China's tire export target or turn to EU

A well-known person in the European tire industry stated that as the results of the United States “double reverse” survey were published and tariffs increased, Chinese tire manufacturers will strengthen trade cooperation with the European Union.

In r

Dryer new technology efficiency increased by 30%

Zhongyi Mining Coal Slurry Dryer has made new breakthroughs in the technology to deal with thermal energy loss, which can provide a drying efficiency of 30%. In the complex dryer market, a unique development path has been created to ensure the innovation and improvement of the dryer techno

·Multi-city license plates are restricted to traffic

The Shenzhen traffic police recently issued a fine to 262 foreign-licensed vehicles that violated the Shenzhen “exemption order”. So far, there have been a number of urban key areas or roads in the country to implement license plates, which include Beijing, Shanghai, Tian