Samsung once again will OLED business independently or eat "returning grass"

Samsung Electronics, a panel business of Samsung Electronics Co., once again split the LCD panel and OLED business into two divisions, which attracted industry attention. Samsung seems to want to assign expertise to the two departments and boost marketing capabilities, and the market is rumored

Beiping Street night view upgrade completed during the year

Recently, Xiangcheng District has carried out urban and rural environmental demonstration and upgrading activities, and will create one provincial, municipal and district-level demonstration road sections, from the strict investigation of the road occupation, the implementation of the seven roa

Dongfeng Cummins, Corporate Citizenship Responsible for Innovation

Since 1975, Cummings has entered China for 40 years. From the initial pure product sales to the full bloom of the joint venture, Cummins has gone through a glorious course. Cumulative accumulation has been the driving force for many years, and Cummins’s develo

Yunnei Power Joins Aoling to Promote Natural Gas Engine

Recently, Yunnei Power joined hands with Ao Ling Brand's Shaanxi agent, Shaanxi Guangpingxuan Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. to jointly carry out a two-day natural gas vehicle tour exhibition. Along the route from Xi'an to Minnan touring, the team went deep into

February Titanium Dioxide Key Week

At the beginning of February, the market for titanium dioxide was dominated mainly by the low level, while the southwest enterprises were holding down the low level. Other producers started to wait and see, producers and dealers' payment tempo tightened, and the pre-holiday price quoted the

Method for real-time monitoring of soil moisture in arid land

Through relevant meteorological conditions, the relevant amendments to the increase in soil moisture and loss were made, and the corresponding predictions of soil moisture were made. Finally, the soil moisture level real-time monitoring system's forecast results were used to comp